15. How To Sell Your House To Avoid Foreclosure In Kissimmee FL

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We buy houses in Kissimmee, Florida. You might be wondering, “Can I sell my house in Kissimmee FL to avoid foreclosure?” I hope that you feel a bit better about your situation after reading through my advice.

In my early years as an Investor/Realtor, I worked exclusively with families who were going through the foreclosure process. The process took such an emotional toll on the family that I often witnessed crying, screaming, and anger at every system we have placed in our society. Often, the homeowners were hardworking people who had gotten an illness that disabled them from working or lost their job due to layoffs. No matter the reason, the foreclosure process is very stressful and needs to be handled with delicate care.

I’m often asked, “What do I do if the bank is not willing to work with me, or what if I’m not capable of doing what the bank is asking me to do?” I believe the short sale process is the most beneficial way to restart your financial history. To tell a family who saved up every penny to purchase their home that they now have to sell the property for less money than they bought it for and potentially receive NO MONEY from the transaction is ALSO heartbreaking, but the positives of a short sale far outweigh the negatives of dragging your credit through the mud-infested waters of foreclosure.

A short sale is simple. You are selling the house short of what you’ve bought it for. Oftentimes, short sales are sold below market value and instead of the owner having the final approval of pricing on the house, the bank has that decision. Time is also against you. One of the first documents the owner would receive in the state of Florida is a Lis Pendens, which means the bank is suing the owner for nonpayment of the note/mortgage. From the moment you receive a Lis Pendens, time is ticking as to when your house will be put up for foreclosure auction.

I am happy to report that foreclosures are down 35.4% from 2018, but to those that still have to deal with this process, no fear: We can help you navigate this process with ease. As I’ve said earlier, time is against you, so the quicker you act, the faster you can start to rebuild your finances to purchase a house in the future. Our team of FL home buyers buy houses fast in Kissimmee, Florida, and I’m also a Real Estate Broker who is very experienced in the short sale process. We offer cash for houses in Kissimmee FL.

Please allow our team of homebuyers in Florida to help you sell your house in Kissimmee FL to avoid foreclosure. Contact us today for more information! (321)-217-7534

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