We Buy Houses In Orlando Reviews

1 Cat, 2 Cat, Brown Cat, Black Cat! 

If any book related to my situation, it would have to be written by Dr. Seus. My house was over-ran with cats! And mold! I had no idea what to do, I really didn’t want anyone coming into my house, so putting it on the market for countless strangers to come inside was out of the question. I felt embarrassed about my living conditions, and I just couldn’t stay in the home anymore because of the mold and my health condition. Brandin was the first person I called and he helped me improve my life immediately – I got out of this home and never looked back. Brandin and Janell treated me with respect and dignity, and I am so grateful for them. 

— Robert P. Orlando, FL 32819

Dad’s Fire Burnt House

Dad’s house had been sitting empty for at least three years now. We used to rent it out until a fire started in the living room, and it has been empty ever since – we had no idea what to do with it! I was tired of paying the taxes and keeping up with the yardwork, especially since we couldn’t even rent it out. I had no idea what to do with a fire damaged house. I got in touch with Janell and she quickly introduced me to Brandin and they helped us out of this situation. We just want to move on now, dad has been gone for years, and that’s what Brandin and Janell helped us do. Thank you for helping me close this chapter of life.

Gladys Orlando, FL 32807

The House With the Hole-y Roof 

The house used to belong to my father, but after it sitting empty and some horrible weather creating a big hole in the roof, I just didn’t know what to do! Neighborhood kids kept coming and vandalizing the place, and I just had enough. The “natural sky light” in the ceiling was definitely not something a potential new homeowner would want or something that I wanted to deal with, so instead of listing this home on the market, Brandin and Janell helped me get rid of this house in record timing. I didn’t realize how fast I could get rid of this house – if I would have known earlier about Brandin and Janell, I wouldn’t have held on to this house for so long! The process was effortless and I am so glad to have had their help!

Denise T Winter Haven, FL 33881