5 Things You Need to Know About Home Inspections When Buying a House in Orlando

Buying a home is a process that involves a lot of moving parts and several steps that have to take place in the right order. One of those steps that has to happen before the deal can go through is the home inspection. As a buyer, you simply must know whether the home you want to buy has any major problems, and that’s what the inspection does. But there’s more to it than that. Check out these 5 things you need to know about home inspections when buying a house in Orlando.

1. Finding a Good Home Inspector 

The first (and perhaps most important) step when it comes to a home inspection prior to buying a house in Orlando is finding a qualified, experienced inspector. Ideally, you want an inspector who is bonded and insured and who works for a company that only does inspections, not repairs and renovations as well. You don’t want to be seduced into making or asking for costly repairs that you don’t have to.

When vetting inspectors, be sure to ask what all the inspection covers and how long it will take. And ask about additional inspections you may want – a standard inspection may not be sufficient for your needs. It’s probably best to ask your Orlando agent to recommend a good inspector. Agents typically have close relationships with certified home inspectors and can recommend one they trust. To consult an agent about a good inspector, just call (321) 217-7534.

2. Being Present

When buying a house, many people don’t realize they can and should be present during the inspection. Being present during the inspection can help ensure that the process goes smoothly and is thorough. 

When you are present during the inspection, you can see problems and damage first hand and ask the necessary questions. Discussing these things in person with the inspector will give you more in-depth information about the home than you would get simply by reading the inspection report.

3. Reading the Inspection Report

But you still need to read the inspection report carefully when buying a house in Orlando. The inspection report is a document that details the home’s major features and notes any issues or problems that need attention.

The inspector and your agent can walk you through the report so that you fully understand it. The inspector will note any damage or problems she finds, no matter how minor. An inspector is tasked with noting every flaw, so the report may seem intimidating at first glance. Be sure to ask the inspector and your agent to help you understand it so that you’ll know exactly what are and are not problems to be concerned about.

4. Asking for Repairs/Discounts

If the inspection report details any major problems, you will then need to enter into negotiations with the seller at this point in buying a house. This is one of the primary purposes of a home inspection.

When the inspection discovers larger problems/issues, you can (and should) ask the seller to cover the cost of the repairs or to give you a discount on the purchase price (sometimes a combination of both). Just keep in mind that you can’t expect the seller to fix every defect, just the big ones like a new roof. 

If you’re not sure how to proceed here, you can consult a [market-city] agent at (321) 217-7534 to learn more.

5. Including an Inspection Contingency

When it comes to buying a house and inspections, you can include an inspection contingency in the sales contract to protect yourself. 

An inspection contingency allows you time to complete inspections and get estimates for repairs and negotiate with the seller. Most important, it allows you to back out of the deal with impunity in the case of major problems with the home.

Getting the Needed Assistance for Buying a House

The inspection is a critical step in the process of buying a house and one you should not take likely. It can help you avoid making an enormously costly misstep – if you have an agent’s assistance to help you navigate the complex process. If you are buying a house in Orlando and are concerned about the inspection, contact us today at (321) 217-7534.

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