24. How To Sell Your House With Code Violations In Orlando, Florida


How To Sell Your House With Code Violations In Orlando, Florida


Do you own a damaged, high grass ridden, hole in roof sitting, code violating house in Orlando, Florida? No fear, learn more about how to sell your house with code violations in Orlando! You walk to your mailbox one day to find that you have a code violation on the property. You rent the property and unfortunately a life situation has it to where you can’t adequately address the issues with the property. Or you inherit a property that isn’t in good shape hence the code violations start piling in. You think to yourself “I need to get rid of this house, but will the code violations make it to where I can’t sell.” The answer is maybe, but following these quick tips can quickly and efficiently free yourself from the stress of this problem.


Find The Right Buyer

Not all buyers are created equally which means not all buyers have the knowledge to purchase a house with code violations. Most times the only buyers willing to take on the challenges of code violations are investors(I just happen to be one😜). The best advice would be to meet with an investor who is willing to give you a fair price to purchase your property with the code violations attached, leaving you free from having to deal with the county to resolve said violations. By selling to an investor, you have the added bonus of selling the house fast and with cash; avoiding the timelines of dealing with financing and potential rejections of loans due to liens being attached to the property.


Disclose Everything About The House

It is very important to be honest about what you personally know is attached to the property. Not knowing exactly what is attached to the property can lead to lower offers or more upfront cost of repairs to you. Typically most investors will want to pull title on the property which outlines if there are any back taxes owed,code violations attached to the property, and liens attached to your personal name.  A combination of all or some of these fees can deter investors from purchasing your home or lead to you accepting lower offers for your home. It is best for you to be prepared in your knowledge in order to help yourself receive a fair offer for your home.


Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Previously I stated that lack of knowledge of the code violations can deter investors from purchasing and/or providing you with the price you are looking for, so it is extremely important to know how many code violations are attached and their amount. Just because the house is outdated and needs repair does not mean you have to give away the house for nothing. We investors are problem solvers who see the beauty in the old and outdated. We are often happier if we can create a situation where all parties are happy with the end result. If you want to sell your house with code violations in Orlando it is important to understand that it is possible and that they’re investors(like me) who are interested in helping you solve your housing problem.

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